Sewage backup is perhaps, one of the worst ways to seeing your property being destroyed right before your very eyes. According to a report, an 800 gallon sewage backup in a Texas home lead to $60,000 in repairs. This, unfortunately, could not have been avoided because the homeowners had left for a 7-month trip which wreaked havoc in their house due to a sewer backup and nearly destroyed everything inside the premises. But, had they been there they could’ve taken steps to prevent this damage and save money and also their property.

This is why getting a restoration firm to take care of sewage backup is one of the best ways to prevent massive repair costs.

By hiring us, you’re not only having your property fully restored, but you are also eliminating the source of the problem. You will never have to deal with sewage backup again, not on our watch.

Here are some of the problems that give rise to sewage backup:

● Stagnant Water in Basement
● Combined Pipelines
● Sewerage Blockage due to Tree Roots
● Rusted and Aged Sewerage System

Sewage backup does not only cause serious property damage, but also leads to multiple illnesses that can put your health at a life-threatening risk. For instance, “black water” is a highly unsanitary breeding ground for unknown pathogens, bacteria and viruses which can become a very serious health risk. Hiring a restoration firm that cleans and sanitizes your property properly is one of the best ways to keep yourself away from unnecessary dangers and health risks.

Why Choose Us
Choosing ABC Flood Rescue means that you’re hiring only professionals to get the job done.

We offer affordable restoration services and are dedicated to restoring your property back to the way it was before the aftermath. Our team comes equipped with high quality sanitization and cleaning products as well as resources.

These products help in exterminating any kind of bacteria, viruses or pathogens that may get left behind after the restoration. Our team also uses specialized equipment that helps extract sewage water and waste from carpets, upholstery etc. We’ll let you know in advance if anything needs to be replaced, however.

Since we are located in Hereford, TX, reaching you doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. An immediate response to your distress call can prevent collateral damage from taking place, which means you can easily avoid really high repair and restoration costs. To hire us, just pick up your phone.

Simply dial (806) 391-7161 and obtain our sewage backup restoration service now.